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Simplify your life with the Carymart remote control

The gate operator is useless without the remote control for remote control. There are remote controls of the same brand that are compatible and can replace the other. For the Carymart brand, it offers different kinds of high-performance remote control models.


The advantages of a remote control

The portal remote control has several advantages to offer its user. It simplifies its handling, a simple push on a button and the gate opens and closes automatically. You can control the gate with the remote control from inside your house or on your car seat.


It is also simpler and more convenient to use, which is very beneficial for the elderly and disabled. Opening and closing the gate will be child's play for them with the remote control.


The Carymart remote control

Carymart is a Chinese brand that was born in 2012. It is experienced enough in the field of opening automation and home automation to design high-end, high-performance and durable equipment. It manufactures its own products and transmitters.


As for the Carymart long range radio transmitter, it can have one or several channels to be able to control several automatisms. Its design is simple, elegant, fine, small and colorful. You can easily slip it in your pocket in your bag. You can also use it as a key ring.



The Carymart garage door remote controla

The garage door remote control has different channels with different control buttons to control different drive wireless remote control system. The transmitter operates on the 433.92 MHz frequency channel which is a frequency often used for remote controls.


Programming remote control is simple. You must do this next to the control receiver, press for a few seconds the button you want to program on the new remote control. Then press the button of the remote control already coded 3 times in a row, then press again the button of the new remote control and it is good, it can function.


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Roller blinds: the key element of modern housing

In recent years, shutters have become very fashionable and it will not change. Why is this boom? There is no doubt because it applies to all types of openings and all styles. However, shutter doors are also popular with other assets.


Shutter to ensure health

To make your home really comfortable, make sure all openings are watertight and don't let them in the cold, humid and windy. This is the better insulation provided by the roller blind. It can prevent bad weather and reduce the greenhouse effect of houses during the summer. If you live in a rather noisy neighborhood, you might like to have a shutter that can protect you from external noise. Compact and rugged, the shutter is also known to significantly reduce noise. Specifically, it can reduce external noise up to 80%. It ensures you have a calm environment and a quiet sleep. Otherwise, due to its perforated blade, the shutter will completely darken when you close it.


Safety is at a meeting

Although most modern homes have roller blinds, it is also for their safety. Solid, the shutter also has a deterrent side. More importantly, it has a long range radio control system that prevents blinds from opening from the outside.


Aesthetics and practicality

Whether it is PVC, wood or aluminum, shutter doors do not lack beauty. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, shutter shutters have a unique style to enhance the appearance of the home. And most importantly, it is very convenient and can even be controlled by a remote control kit. For this reason, it is sufficient to electrify it. The shutter is ideal for windows and also for garage doors. Another useful point for the shutter, if you are old, can be updated by choosing a new apron or replacing a damaged blade. Many shutter blade professionals (such as provide this service.

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The advantages of an infrared barrier for your safety

At the present time, it is more than ever recommended to ensure its security by an alarm system. As an option, the infrared barrier offers additional protection.



The infrared barrier is a detection system composed of an infrared beam transmitter (therefore invisible to the human eye), and a receiver. When this beam is interrupted, the long range transmitter signals this to a system. This system can control the motorization of a gate, shutters, alarm, lighting or automatic watering. The principle is the same as for door or window contactors.

In the context of property protection, this beam is adjusted to detect the presence of intruders and transmit a signal towards the alarm centre. This gate defines the perimeter you have assigned it, whether it is a pool, a warehouse, or your property. Its range can go from a few meters to more than a hundred. The considerable advantage of this security device is that the alarm is triggered outside, before the thief has had time to enter the house.


wireless security

Everything depends on the configuration of the perimeter to protect, especially its surface, and any obstacles (bushes, trees, hangars, walls...). For maximum protection, it is recommended to use a model equipped with two or three infrared cells. Before buying, it is necessary to study the area to cover. Putting yourself in the burglar's shoes is also a simple trick for assessing the level of security to be established. The alley, the back wall, the cellar or the roof can indeed constitute weak points to reinforce. The rf remote control installation of an infrared barrier at these levels will be essential for an optimized protection.



House, shop, warehouse, school, swimming pool, there is no limit to the range of action of an infrared barrier. In sunny areas, it is possible to install alarms powered by solar panels. Elsewhere, it is possible to settle for electricity. But the best thing is the battery, which will not risk an untimely power cut.

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The remote control, a good option for controlling your garage door



By integrating a motorization into your garage door, your daily life is simplified and less tedious. Indeed, you will no longer have to open and close manually this equipment, a remote control is enough to control these maneuvers. However, it is not always easy to choose the right model for your garage because of the abundance of products on the market. No need to panic because Carymart is at your disposal to help you in the choice of your garage remote control.


Which remote control model to choose for your garage door?

To acquire the right long range transmitter remote control for your garage door, it is essential to take certain criteria into consideration. So whether you want to replace your defective hardware or simply get a new remote control, compatibility between this equipment and the mechanism it has to control is an important consideration. It goes without saying that a remote control that is not the same brand as your garage door motor is not necessarily compatible with it. Therefore, it is imperative to bet on equipment from the brand of your automation. The color of the case, the number and color of the buttons and the frequency must also be taken into account.

Image result for Garage door remote control’

The choice of the most suitable programming

Remote controls can be configured in different ways. On the one hand, you can program it by automatic learning. To do this, you just have to put your two remote controls, the old one and the new one, next to each other. The codes are transmitted by simultaneously pressing their respective keys. On the other hand, there is switch programming which consists in pointing your two devices in the same direction. Simply start the program with a pre-programmed wireless remote control or via your receiver. In addition, there remains the configuration in the receiver. The latter is done by pressing a button on the receiver and a button on the remote control to be set.


Thus, a garage door remote control represents one of the most useful devices for your daily life because of its practicality and ease of use. You will find on our site a whole collection of this equipment, and this, of brands as diverse as varied.

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Zoom on the radio-controlled roller shutter

Unlike the wired roller shutter (via a switch), the radio-controlled electric blind allows remote control. Advantage, price, operating mode: the radio-controlled roller shutter is revealed.

rf wireless automation


Remote control roller shutter: how does it work?

The principle is simple: this type of blind allows, thanks to a simple press on a button on the remote control system(or even on a shelf as part of a system coupled to a home automation box) to control the raising and lowering of your electric roller shutter.

It is a radio wave system placed at the top of the motorization range because of the comfort it brings to its users; logically, the price of a roller shutter equipped with a radio motor is higher than for a switch awning.


What are the advantages for the radio-controlled roller shutter?

A major advantage: the installation of the radio control. It is simple and fast since it only requires the electric motor connection. With this type of control, there is no need to degrade the walls, unlike the wired system which requires the installation of a switch.

However, the batteries in the remote control must be replaced.

Another advantage: the roller shutter with remote control is synonymous with comfort. It is a practical system that offers freedom of use wherever you are at home; in general, the range of a remote control for a roller shutter goes up to 200 meters, meaning that it largely covers the usual needs.

remote control

The different types of remote controls

The radio motors of the electric roller shutters can be controlled:

by a single-channel remote control; in this case, it controls a single electrical shutter remote control or the same group of motorized equipment.

by a special remote control capable of integrating schedule programming; this type of system automates the lowering and raising of blinds.

by a multi-channel remote control for the control of several motorized equipments equipped with the same radio technology. In this case, a single remote control independently manages several motorized stations.

remote system

The home automation solution

With the home automation control you can simultaneously control various motorized equipment. Gates, garage doors, roller shutters, remote control shades, for example, will respond to a single remote control. This type of installation also makes it possible to control heating or lighting, always via the same remote control.